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Producer of tropical juices 

typical of the Brazilian northeast


Our clarification process is rendered on a 0.1 µ ultrafiltration membrane, within the highest standards of food safety, resulting in a high quality product. 


ENET evaporator (TASTE) 4 effects, 4 stages, which operates under the principle of descending turbulent fog, with short exposure to temperature, and it is technically accelerated. It uses high-performance and sanitary evaporative condensers. 


The pulps / purees are produced from selected fruits from the best producers in our region, ensuring a high quality product, with all food safety. 

Harvesting of northeastern Brazilian typical fruits and their packaging and transport specifications. 

We are an industry that produces clarified juices, pulps and concentrate juices of tropical fruits for the beverage and food industry with innovative processes that preserve functional characteristics and flavor, provide high quality standards, homogenization of batches and long shelf life, in addition to enabling the extraction of high value-added products such as dietary fiber. 

In process of upgrading to FSSC 22000

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The delicious flavor of the Brazilian northeast now ready to drink!

plant based meat

Soft texture similar to animal flesh!


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